Originally built for the swashbuckling traveller, the Welts are elegant all-purpose goodyear welt leather boots designed to tackle the harshest elements. Whether wandering arid deserts, trekking tropical rainforests or simply exploring the city with style and comfort, these beautifully handcrafted and highly-reliable, goodyear welt leather boots are the ideal choice of footwear to accompany you on your next great adventure.


OZAPATO is the lovechild of a Mexican-born designer Nancy Ramirez and French entrepreneur Fabien Georjon. For over 30 years, OZAPATO has learned to design and produce high quality work boots. We have always had a special relationship with quality, because the quality of our boots is directly related to the safety of our customers at work.

Sneakers and boots lovers, the decision to start designing casual shoes only seemed natural. However we did not want to be another shoe manufacturer selling low quality products with huge margins. Instead, we took the experience gained over the years of making work boots to offer high quality, handmade goodyear welt leather boots and sneakers, as well as our most premium model of work boots to the U.S. Thanks to our business model cutting all middlemen out of our supply chain, we were able to offer our handmade goodyear welt leather boots at an affordable price.


We only use the best quality materials to ensure the comfort and resistance of our shoes. All OZAPATO products are handmade in our Pachuca (Hidalgo, Mexico) workshop. Our business model connects the customer directly to the workshop, cutting all middlemen out of our supply chain. This process allows us to offer handmade goodyear welt leather boots at an affordable price.


We were born out of the commitment to serve our local community and that people should come first. Shoe production should be a transparent process that sustains the socio-economic balance within the community it inhabits.

Ozapato’s core value of disintermediation (direct delivery between producer and customer), believes that every step in the shoemaking process should provide value to the People.

Our team loves to develop boots that are produced in a socially and economically fair process. We also want our clients to feel confident that they are not just buying well-made, goodyear welt leather boots, but are also a part of an honest trade in which all stakeholders in the supply chain are fairly treated.