OZAPATO is the lovechild of a Mexican-born designer Nancy Ramirez and French entrepreneur Fabien Georjon. For over 30 years, OZAPATO has learned to design and produce high quality work boots. We have always had a special relationship with quality. The quality of our boots is directly related to the safety of our customers at work.

Sneakers and boots lovers. The decision to start designing casual shoes was a natural step to take, Nonetheless we did not want to be just another shoe manufacturer selling low quality products with huge margins to spend in marketing tricks to generate profits. Instead, we took the all the experience gained over the years of making work boots to offer high quality, handmade casual footwear. We also provide our most premium models of work boots.


We only use the best quality materials to ensure comfort and durability on our shoes.

All OZAPATO products are handmade in our Pachuca (Hidalgo, Mexico) workshop.

Thanks to our business model, we are cutting all middlemen out of our supply chain, offering our handmade quality shoes at an affordable price directly to you.


We were born out of the commitment to serve our local community and that people should come first. Shoe production should be a transparent process that sustains a socio-economic balance within the community .

Ozapato’s core value of disintermediation (direct delivery between producer and customer), stands in the belief that every step in the shoemaking process should provide value to its craftsmen and customers, .

Our team loves to develop boots and sneakers that are produced in a socially and economically fair process. We also want our clients to feel confident that they are not just buying a well-made, good-quality product, but are also a part of an honest trade in which all stakeholders in the supply chain are fairly treated.



Our team and our customers are at the heart and soul of our business.


We respect fair trade principles of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. 

All stakeholders in our supply chain must work with conditions and salaries that are above average for their region. All our products are supplied and manufactured locally in Pachuca, Mexico. 

We work with our suppliers in order to provide us with environmentally sustainable products made locally.


We sell directly to customers and  independent stores.

We don’t use distributors, as they add no value to the customer and only inflate the  costs to the supply chain. 

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