5 Reasons Why To Choose Handmade Leather Sneakers

Handmade leather sneakers are often associated with the idea that it is a luxury product, only available for the rich and trendy people. In fact it’s not necessarily the case, over the past few years, many people have become fans of handmade shoes. The offer of handmade shoes is larger every week and now extends, for our greatest pleasure, to sneakers. So what are the reasons behind this success ?

This simple review will show you, 5 of the best reasons that make choosing handmade leather sneakers over mass produced sneakers, the right choice.

1. The great quality of the raw materials used

Mass produced sneakers are most of the time made of cheap leather. While you may not see the difference at first sight, after a few months only, you will see the leather crack or split open, the dying will fade away, and mostly you will see the leather or fabric come off the sole. On the other hand, handmade shoes and sneakers are built with the best quality leathers and are often stitched, making them more resistant.


2. The Best quality construction possible

Handmade leather sneakers are made of premium quality, full grain leather, finished most of the time with the best process of stitching. The time spent on each shoe by the craftsmen, focused on maintaining the highest level of quality possible ensures the sneakers to be strong and durable. A level of quality that no massed produced shoe can reach.

3. An incomparable comfort

Handmade sneakers are not just made to look great or be highly resistant, they are also thought to be as comfortable as it gets for your feet. The soft leather use for the inner lining will change in just a few weeks to match the exact shape of your feet. The shoes become more flexible yet do not loose their original shape, making them a perfect fit and the best choice of shoes. In addition to the fit, handmade leather shoes also allow your feet to breath more, therefore allowing you to wear your favorite handmade sneakers longer without damaging your feet.

Handmade leather sneakers

4. It’s Actually Cheaper !

Yes sometimes the price of handmade leather shoes can look prohibitive. But if you look at those shoes as longterm investment, they won’t seem that expensive anymore. Let me explain. Machine made shoes will only last you a few months, 6 at best if you don’t use them too often. Handmade shoes on the other hand can last you years, and at the very least they will last over year. That’s if you don’t take good care of them. It’s quite simple maths in fact. If you buy handmade sneakers, twice the price of your regular mass produced sneakers, but they last four times longer than machine made sneakers… Well you are saving half of the money you would normally spend on machine made sneakers.

5. You support the jobs and historical skills of craftsmen and designers

Buying handmade leather sneakers also means supporting the jobs and skills of the craftsmen that make them. The process of making shoes has been refined over hundreds of years, craftsmen could easily be compared as artists as they must master many, many skills in order to build the perfect shoe. Buying handmade shoes, means you support these historical skills and the culture behind shoes.

Buying handmade leather sneakers is also a way of supporting the designers who make your shoes unique. There work allows you to wear class, beautiful shoes that people won’t forget. What better way to express your style than with a pair of handmade leather sneakers ?

Churubusco Studios, Mexico City, 1984 - Photo by Lourdes Grobet


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