Goodyear Welt 9 months of daily use.

Rubber Outsole

First thing first, the outsole. We use only rubber outsole that are either made from natural rubber (this is why the sole sometimes comes in a yellow color) or from recycled rubber, mostly from recycled tires that are being re-used.

After so many steps the outsole is still looking strong. The drawings of the outsole are still very clear. I would say the sole is still 75% intact.

Goodyear Welt 9 months of daily use

On the next picture you can clearly see how the rubber outsole is being used step by step. The person wearing the shoe also has a small duck-walk abnormalities (yes it’s very comon especially for tall people!) You can see it from the way the shoe is standing straight,

Ozapato Welt after 9 months
The drawings of the outsole are still very clear, offering the same grip and anti-slip propreties. The weird blue color on the outsole is a sort of moe that sticks to it. It’s caused by  the extremly hot and humid (90% average) Panamenian weather where the boot has been tested. Also if you look closely you can still read the letters on the rubber.

Ozapato Welt after 9 months

The best part when you buy a goodyear welt shoe like this boot is that it’s easy to resole. So if your sole come to an end you can always ask your local shoemaker to get it replaced for you. It’s usually pretty unexpensive.


One of the compromise of Ozapato as a brand is to make leather only shoes / boots. In this case the Welt is made out of a leather called crazy leather or saddle leather which was originally used to make horses saddle.

Ozapato Welt after 9 months Ozapato Welt after 9 months

This boot has been hit and scratched many times. You can tell by the color of the leather and the various scratches at ankle-level which obviously make it look older.Yet, the leather just need a good wax to give it back its originally beauty. But as you can see the leather didn’t peal like a synthetic leather would. It also held a lot of stress from the weight of diverse objects and obstacles. The leather used is about 1.8mm to 2.2mm which makes it soft but still very durable. If this leather if receiving a bit of wax you can give another many years of service.

It’s hard  to tell how much longer this piece of leather can hold but if’s being taken care of we assume that you can keep it for another couple of years.


The boot is obviously still in really good shape and has many hours of work ahead. We really do our best to use the most premium materials available to make sure that you can have a great looking, durable boot at affordable prices.

If you would like to give these boots a try, visit our shop here!

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