Size chart


  1. Download that ruler and place your foot on a flat surface with your heel against a straight edge.
  2. Make sure the ruler is placed beside your foot touching the straight edge of your heel.
  3. Take the length from the tip of your longest toe to your heel. Strange fact: your longest toe may not always be your big toe 🙂
  4. Use the chart below to convert to the OZAPATO shoe size

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  • Please make sure that you have printed off first that ruler in centimeter.
  • Bend the corner of the ruler to have a straigh line at 0 cm and put it against a wall
  • Stand up and put your heel at 0 cm. Read the value and convert.
Foot Size (CM) OZAPATO Size
24 cm 6
24.5 cm 6
25 cm 7
25.5 cm 7
26 cm 8
26.5 cm 8
27 cm 9
27.5 cm 9
28 cm 10
28.5 cm 10
29 cm 11
29.5 cm 11
30 cm 12
30.5 cm 12
31 cm 13
31.5 cm 13
32 cm 14


  • If you foot is 29 cm (from heel to longest toe) you should go for a OZAPATO 11.
  • If you are between sizes, for example if your foot is 26.6 cm you should got for the closest OZAPATO size above. In the case you should go for a size 8 OZAPATO